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Doggie needs your help, please!

Would you please be so kind and give FIVE STARS to little Rala?
She is my god-dog - so to speak - and would love to win some yummeh goodies! Sunday is the last day for voting (German time - meaning from now on more or less 24 hours to go), and until now she does not seem to get higher than 350... not bad with a few thousand candidates, but still not enough.

Here you go (and please remember the 5 stars, otherwise she would be downgraded):

If it helps, this is the cutie in need :) THANK YOU!!!
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Bowie y Bunbury

I read some note today that put a huge smile on my face.

Enrique Bunbury, the Spanish musician I adore to pieces, stated on his website that the music album that has influenced his own musical aspirations the most, thus basically has changed his life, was "Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars" by David Bowie. In other words: One hero of mine loves another hero of mine. How awesome is this?!?!

Here is the source (Spanish):

I know for a fact that there is at least one more person here on my f-list who has also very fond memories of "Starman". Am I right or am I right, dearest NJM? *wink wink*  photo mausknuddel.gif
 photo laola0.gif
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Moto!Shirl - MÄÄÄÄÄHH!!!

Happy Birthday, Heliokleia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  best heliokleia
in da world!!!

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Da Shirlie-Girlie comes Sheepishly with Shaun in tow and we hope you have (and had) a wonderful and very minxly Special Day today! *throws tons of confetti*


>> Maybe including a pompous one-turtley B-Day parade from little Dido? ;) He he he… Many Greetz to my cute nephew, the decorating expert, by the way.^^ BLUBB!

I love you, dear Fellow ERN & Minx, and wish you luck, good health and lots of happiness (and of course HOTTIE-ness!!!) for this new year in your life. Don't forget: We're not getting older, only prettier! *ggg*

(More on Da Fone! Okeh? *rinnnnnng*)