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16 August 2014 @ 02:09
Happy Things # 4  
# 4: \o/  Did I mention lately that I LOVE Smallville's Lex Luthor? Because of him (and Clarkie) I got into Slash. The rest... history!

 photo lex_zps5f27f7df.jpg
Adommy-Fangirl: Stock - Love *Heart*bm_shipper on 16th August 2014 08:31 (UTC)
OH, I love it...
You never forget your first Slash Pairing :D
amodalie: Strawberry Smileamodalie on 17th August 2014 11:33 (UTC)
Absolutely right! Just thinking of those times of discovering all these great stories and the amounts of fangurrrrlssqueeing while reading them makes me still smile very, very fondly! :)))
 photo herz.gif
Maz (or foxxy!): A Little Joytuesdaeschild on 16th August 2014 15:38 (UTC)
A very memorable pairing, Our Shirl! *grins minxily* ♥
amodalie: M/Lamodalie on 17th August 2014 11:39 (UTC)
One's first OTP is highly memorable, right, P.Momma?!? And I think it is OTP when you still love the idea of the pairing even if some other slashy possibilities came along over the years. *swoons minxily*

YAY, minxly natter ahead soon! :))) ♥

PS: That lovely icon of yours always makes me smile! :)))
Maz (or foxxy!): Swoontuesdaeschild on 19th August 2014 09:17 (UTC)
It certainly is, Dear Shirlie-Girlie. :) And I agree with your observation that it is still OTP no matter what tasty slashy goodness comes along over the years! Worthy of a minxly swoon!! ♥

It was a very good minxly natter, as are all our minxly natters!! We do have some fun, don't we? :D

And I love your icon too!! Those two boys are beautiful in so many ways. :)))
heliokleia: BUGS BUNNY-ANIM - What's upheliokleia on 17th August 2014 16:10 (UTC)
O yezzz... I remember that you told me once, Shirlie-Girlie...^^

Those were the days, huh? ;)
*winks & waves*

amodalie: Shirl/Ernie#2amodalie on 24th August 2014 19:17 (UTC)
CaaaRRRRammba!!! You know how it is, NJM, you never forget an old true love! ;-) ♥ Those were the days of Clarkie and Lexy indeed!

So sorry I missed our minxly natter today. :( Mailie iz on da way.
 photo thumbup.gif