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13 July 2014 @ 23:59
Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!! (Happy Things #1)  
Because it's overwhelming, without further words today:

100 Happy Things # 1:

4 stars photo gras_sterne_zps3d591c47.jpg
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Clair de Luneclair_de_lune on 13th July 2014 22:34 (UTC)
"Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win." The other day, I mentioned this 'saying' to Foxy and looking it up tonight, I found out it's actually a quote from an English player...

Congratulations \o/

PS: you don't even have enough colors for that new star ;)

Edited at 2014-07-13 22:36 (UTC)
Maz (or foxxy!): Cocktailtuesdaeschild on 14th July 2014 10:22 (UTC)
I hadn't realised it was a quote from an English player!! Now all those defeats and penalty shoot-out losses click into place... ;)

And while we're celebrating with our delighted mutual friend amodalie Happy Bastille Day!! There's even a Frenchman in the maillot jaune as Le Tour starts climbing the Alps today!! Vive la France!
amodalie: Deutschlandamodalie on 14th July 2014 16:25 (UTC)
*lol* I know the saying, though we tend to make the addition "except when it's in a big tournament", because the German Mannschaft often enough wasn't too bad in the beginning, then lost their nerves near the finale. Well, looks like we won't be saying that for a while now. ;-)

Thank you! Since I didn't do anything to win the Cup (my car was wearing flags, does that count?) I'm taking the congrats for my outstanding graphic skills, ok? *chuckles* Phew, the little thingie took me ages. You are so right, not enough colours! Luckily there was the green grass!

Oh, and to team up with our dear Foxy: HAPPY BASTILLE DAY to you!!!

Edited at 2014-07-19 12:14 (UTC)
Maz (or foxxy!): Cocktailtuesdaeschild on 14th July 2014 10:14 (UTC)
That's an awesome graphic for an awesome result!! I think it was all our Ole ole ole-ing! yesterday that did the trick!!! Plus fangirling!Rala, of course!! ♥

And Mrs Neighbour up the road was absolutely delighted - as was Mutti, by the look of it!!

Pity the little bloke didn't play like we know he can but it was an exciting game and a great result!!

Ole...ole...ole...ole ~ ole...ole!!!
amodalie: Deutschlandamodalie on 14th July 2014 16:59 (UTC)
True, Foxy, without our excessive ole-ing and Rala's dedication as a fangurl things would have looked differently! Jogi should thank us! (btw. I didn't invent 'Loew's Miserables', though I love the phrase. It's the name of a comm here.)

Mutti?  photo giggle.gif I wondered for a sec whom you mean. *ggg* She likes to visit the team after a match and thanks to facebook and twitter we get a lot of pics. (Lukas Podolski is the king of selfies. Have you seen him and Schweini kissing? ♥) Anyway... Bundes-Angie surrounded by beaming, sweating, half naked men? Honestly, I am torn between grinning and :facepalm: ...

It was exciting until the end, wasn't it? I was literally on the edge of my seat, and it was especially the little bloke who made it so hard for the German team. Damn, is he fast!

Okidoki, one last time:

Olééééééé olé olé oléééééééééé!!!!!
 photo yeah.gif
Maz (or foxxy!): Cocktailtuesdaeschild on 14th July 2014 17:56 (UTC)
We Minxes did our bit but it was probably the dedication of that darling fluffy little fangirl so Jogi should certainly be thanking her! Perhaps a year's supply of her favourite doggie treats?!! ♥

Loew's Miserables is certainly a catchy phrase and great name for a comm!!

Lucky old Bundes-Angie!! Yes, I saw Lukas and Schweini kissing - RPF slash pairing?!! ;-) - and I really like Lukas so I'd like to have swapped places with Schweini!! ♥

It was exciting and a fitting game to end a great World Cup...sadly the little bloke only showed flashes of what he's capable of but he caused the German team a few little problems.

Okay, one final chorus!! Ole...ole...ole...ole ~ ole...ole!!!! *waves pom-poms*
amodalie: Deutschlandamodalie on 19th July 2014 12:22 (UTC)
HRF is taking the credits for winning the golden Cup most graciously! :D WUFF WUFF!

Meanwhile there is a looong tradition of Lukas/Schweini RPF ("Schweinski") since the two have this awesome chemistry for years. So yeah, I guess these kissing pics made quite a lot of shippers happy ;-)

Excellent pom poms waving skills there, my good ELMie! *applauds*
 photo schalwedel.gif

Edited at 2014-07-19 12:23 (UTC)
Maz (or foxxy!): Jazz Handstuesdaeschild on 19th July 2014 16:51 (UTC)
And so she should!! Without her Jogi's Jungs might not have won!! WUFF! WUFF! to the Little Fluffy One. ♥

Schweinski huh?!! Now that's a slash pairing I could get to like rather a lot and I can see how they would have chemistry!! ♥

Why thank you, my dear Shirlie Girlie!! Impressive scarf-waving on your part too, if I might be so bold!! *applauds you too* *g*
Maz (or foxxy!): Cocktailtuesdaeschild on 14th July 2014 13:01 (UTC)
Look at this...

Herr und Frau Nachbar in Kiel

Friends and neighbours!! :D
amodalie: penguin danceamodalie on 14th July 2014 16:30 (UTC)
Awwww... how cute is that!?!!!
Thank you for sharing the link and a belated happy 30th anniversary to the couple!

(*pets edit button* ... good boy!)

Edited at 2014-07-14 16:32 (UTC)
Maz (or foxxy!): Puffintuesdaeschild on 14th July 2014 16:38 (UTC)
They're very nice people and they're jolly fine neighbours! :) I will pass that on!

That edit button is very a very good boy!
amodalie: penguin danceamodalie on 14th July 2014 17:25 (UTC)
Jolly fine neighbours :)) That's wonderful!
Also a jolly fine puffin!
Maz (or foxxy!): Puffintuesdaeschild on 14th July 2014 17:58 (UTC)
Penguins and puffins are LOVE!!
heliokleia: PARUS CAERULEUSheliokleia on 14th July 2014 22:13 (UTC)
...From me too, P. Momma, pwz, give them my belated regards to their glorious 30th anniversary too.
SMILEY-Mädel - mit Schleifchen, wild winkend photo SMILEY-Maumldel-mitSchleifchenwildwinkend_zps3c485edc.gif

Oh - and I second Our Shirl thoroughly; jolly fine puffin, indeed!
♥ ♥ ♥

Olè - olè - olè - Olè!!!

*pets edit button*

Edited at 2014-07-14 22:14 (UTC)
amodalie: Shirl/Ernie#2amodalie on 19th July 2014 12:25 (UTC)
... and a jolly fine Blaumeislein, too!
 photo pingu_seil.gif
Maz (or foxxy!): Puffintuesdaeschild on 19th July 2014 16:46 (UTC)
I did and they said to thank you to you both! :)

That's a jolly lovely blue tit!!


Twee~ tweet~twittety~tweet!!! *g*
hab318princess on 14th July 2014 18:34 (UTC)
Tolles Bild - great picture
amodalie: Kermit YAYamodalie on 19th July 2014 11:44 (UTC)
Thank you! :) I thought some little creativity was in order since Jogis Jungs did such a good job!
heliokleia: DEAN IC - ANIM - s05e07 - bounces. by MDheliokleia on 14th July 2014 22:08 (UTC)
Ja, da hat's ShörN aber something fine gebaschtelt...
Smiley - WAVING FLAG - ANIM photo WAVINGFLAG-ANIM_zps5f182fdc.gif

JOLLY GOOD, o minxly Fellow Possum of ours! Fits purrfectly to the day, YAY!!
*minxly group-hug*

"Mutti"? - Nothing but a shameless freeloader, if you ask me...
- But again, a BIG thank you for P. Momma, sharing the link of Frau & Herr Nachbar's 30th anniversary in Kiel.

Of course, I cannot close any Schland post or comment without a praise to the match-winner:

SUPER-MARIO mit World cup 2014 photo SUPER-MARIOmitWorldcup2014_zps6eca9678.jpg

Olè - olè - olè... Super-Mario and the World Cup!
*Schlandish fangurlsqueeeee*
SMILEY  - ANIM - threesome-dancing, colourful Smileys, cuute! photo SMILEY-ANIM-threesome-dancingcolourfulSmileyscuute_zps297e541c.gif
amodalie: Deutschlandamodalie on 19th July 2014 12:10 (UTC)
That is a nice picture of Super-Mario or, as I like to call him, der Kinderschokijunge! Well done, as always, Fellow Minxlein mein!
 photo thumbup.gif

Mutti Angie? Yup, I agree about your freeloader-theory but I think it works both ways, so... *shrugs* Let them bathe in each other's glory! (okeh, the thought of Mutti's glory makes me chuckle minxily now. :-P )

Phew... it's too hot for many words today.
Luckily I have this little bloke here to express all that is necessary:
venti photo ventilator_zpsef11488f-1.gif

One more time: Olééééééé olé olé oééé!!!!!
Adommy-Fangirl: Stock - Love *Heart*bm_shipper on 15th July 2014 14:10 (UTC)
Happy this makes you happy :D
I seriously couldn't care less unfortunately.

(but it was the same for the Song Contest, even though my country won, but I'm not just a big fan of such huge events :D Or sports :D)
amodalie: Moto!Shirl - MÄÄÄÄÄHH!!!amodalie on 19th July 2014 11:51 (UTC)
;-) I know you're not a huge footie fan, and that's good. I'm not totally crazy over it myself but I loved the excitement and I enjoy a good match. So: Yay!

As to the ESC, at least Conchita Wurst was a great statement for "anything goes" which is wonderful. You certainly do not have to go there for lots of great music ;-)