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Happy Birthday, Foxy Lady!

Oh, look! What does that mean?

 photo tag22_zps54b05baa.jpg

It means it is time for a little b-day picspam!

Our one and only ELMie, P.Momma and Fellow Minx,
sometimes also known as
is celebrating her special day today. ^^  HOOORAAAY!!!

Let me congratulate you with a decent bouquet of flowers.
I picked them especially for you!
*nods nods*

 photo roses_zpsf6d651ec.jpg

But enough with the decency! Let's paaaaardy!!!!!!!

 photo bwaaa_zps7b3f4003.png

Not to forget:
Pretty No #1

 photo hardytattoos_zpsbfa36ae0.jpg

And: Pretty
No #always-and-forever!!!

In a graphic that is still smile-worthy, I'd say!

 photo wentobiwan_zps8805365d.jpg

Okidoki, hope you have a GREAT DAY today, my dearest Mari-Minx. *huggles*

Wishing you all the best for your very own New Year, enjoying
good health, lots of silly fun, awesome food, great books, the best of friends, squeeworthy fandom events, amazing holiday trips as well as peaceful days in your home... all in all? HAPPINESS!!!

 photo bussi2.gif

dancing penguins photo penguin_dance__gif_zpsff080415.gif

Lots of love from your Fellow Possum Shirrrrl, sweetling! *blows kisses*



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