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22 June 2014 @ 20:20
Happy Birthday, Foxy Lady!  

Oh, look! What does that mean?

 photo tag22_zps54b05baa.jpg

It means it is time for a little b-day picspam!

Our one and only ELMie, P.Momma and Fellow Minx,
sometimes also known as
is celebrating her special day today. ^^  HOOORAAAY!!!

Let me congratulate you with a decent bouquet of flowers.
I picked them especially for you!
*nods nods*

 photo roses_zpsf6d651ec.jpg

But enough with the decency! Let's paaaaardy!!!!!!!

 photo bwaaa_zps7b3f4003.png

Not to forget:
Pretty No #1

 photo hardytattoos_zpsbfa36ae0.jpg

And: Pretty
No #always-and-forever!!!

In a graphic that is still smile-worthy, I'd say!

 photo wentobiwan_zps8805365d.jpg

Okidoki, hope you have a GREAT DAY today, my dearest Mari-Minx. *huggles*

Wishing you all the best for your very own New Year, enjoying
good health, lots of silly fun, awesome food, great books, the best of friends, squeeworthy fandom events, amazing holiday trips as well as peaceful days in your home... all in all? HAPPINESS!!!

 photo bussi2.gif

dancing penguins photo penguin_dance__gif_zpsff080415.gif

Lots of love from your Fellow Possum Shirrrrl, sweetling! *blows kisses*



Current Mood: giddygiddy
heliokleia: MINXES' IC - MÄÄÄÄÄHHHHH!!!!heliokleia on 22nd June 2014 20:12 (UTC)
'ELLO o minxilicious ShörN of ours; hehe... appropriate Birthday Gasm for our ador[k]able ELMie, no doubt!
*high-fives minxily*

Love the flowers, the Rabbidy activities, the divine Mr Pretteh and the dancing penguins - though, one of them looks a little bit pouty...

Well done, o minxly Fellow Sweetling of mine. So enjoy your Sunday evening and have a good week.
SMILEY  - ANIM - mit feurigem Herzerl rennend photo SMILEY-ANIM-mitfeurigemHerzerlrennend_zps0e9eed62.gif

amodalie: penguin danceamodalie on 29th June 2014 10:47 (UTC)
'Alli 'Allo yourself, minxilicious NJM of ours! Törööööööööööööööööööööööö!!!

Some things (like flowers, Rabbids and a devine Mr Pretteh) are an absolute MUST HAVE for a paaaardie in honour of our ador[k]able P.Momma. *nods nods* And some are a good bonus - like dancing penguins. By the way, I believe the pouty fellow isn't really a dancer at heart, and thus has to concentrate very hard on doing the correct moves. :D He does good, methinks!

Speak to my two minxly dancers later?


PS: LOVE the little guy with the heart on fire! ♥
 photo sonnig.gif
Maz (or foxxy!): Cocktailtuesdaeschild on 25th June 2014 15:26 (UTC)
OMG, Shirlie Girlie!!! What a fabulous bouquet of gorgeous blooms - you have fabulous taste in flowers, dearest! ♥

Aaaaaaaaaah!! Those Rabbids might be naughty buggers but they know how to throw a paaaaaaaaaaardie!!!!! *pops another Pilsner and dons paaaaardie hat* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooooooooooooooh!! Tommy and his tatts! Now I seem to remember another rather pretty fellow with tatts...*swoons*

And that graphic gets a big smile from me every time!! Not to mention a lovely picture of an innocent-looking Mr Pretteh!! ♥

Dancing Penguins!! Perfect!! *joins them a happy dance* :D

Thank you, darling Shirl! I was a bit late getting here (that was one hectic weekend and it's taking me all my time to catch up with everything!) but boy, was it worthwhile finding it?!!



P.S. Jolly handy, that edit button!! :)

Edited at 2014-06-25 15:27 (UTC)
amodalie: Kermit YAYamodalie on 29th June 2014 10:38 (UTC)
Ahoi Ahoi!!!!

Glad you liked the little b-day post à la Shörn^^ ;-) And to clear that one up: Only the most fabulous flowers are the right ones for our fabulous ELMie!

Party with Pilsner (my fave brand is 'König Pilsner') and them Rabbids on the loose might be a little risky for life and furniture, but hey, we only live once, righto? So, perfect Paaaaardy hat, dear! *thumbs up*

Ah, you noticed the tattoos? *wink wink* NO idea who else with exquisite tats could pop into you mind at that sight... he he he... *chuckles obliviously* As long as an innocently looking Mr Pretteh is nearby the world is okay!

Let's go on partying! *grabs penguin's wings and both minxies' little paws and does teh happy dance*

 photo 3some.gif

PS: Jolly good, that edit button, indeed!