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31 May 2014 @ 13:07
"to ship" is official now! :))  

How awesome is that?!

This month the verb "to ship" officially made it into the renowned Oxford English Dictionary. Not only that!
The example of how to use it is this quote: "I'll always ship Sherlock and Molly."
Awwwww!!! I know for a fact that at least one person on my flist will LOVE this.
Righto, my dear Naughty Minxie? *wink wink*

Full article here <--

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Clair de Lune: avengersclair_de_lune on 31st May 2014 12:29 (UTC)
Awww ♥

Me being me, I wish they had used Mulder/Scully as an example since I think the word started to be used with them (?) or Steed/Mrs Peel because Steed and Mrs Peel are always a good example, but still... Awww ♥
amodalie: superman subtextamodalie on 7th June 2014 11:30 (UTC)
Awww indeed :) And awwww to your lovely icon! ♥

To be honest, there would be plenty of great examples. I would have been perfectly ok with Mulder and Scully or Steed and Mrs Peel. Personally my mind goes straight to Kirk/Spock when thinking about the early times of fandom and shipping - though I know that's "just" the beginning of slash.

Hmm, does the Oxford talk about that?! *goes looking up slash* :D
Adommy-Fangirl: QaF - Brian/Mikey *Soft Light*bm_shipper on 31st May 2014 17:30 (UTC)
I really think that's cool :D
Took them long enough :P
amodalie: David Tennant bloody hellamodalie on 7th June 2014 11:32 (UTC)
Slowly, but unstoppably, the world of fandom is creeping into the real word! :D Good!
heliokleia: SHERLOCK & WATSON IC - Sherlockedheliokleia on 31st May 2014 21:13 (UTC)
Òle Òle o minxly ShörN of mine; guilty by prosecution. Dickes Grinse-Smiley photo DickesGrinse-Smiley_zps462ce2b7.gif
*grins minxily + raises hand*

And this news are, indeed, JOLLY GOOD, as to use one of our minxilicious P. Momma's catchphrases...^^

And just because...

14 SHERLOCK & MOLLY - CARTOON - Having lunch with me, cute, via tumblr photo 14SHERLOCKampMOLLY-CARTOON-Havinglunchwithmecuteviatumblr_zpsff48f323.jpg (source: Tumbr)

Säänk Juuh
very much, Shirlie-Girlie for this update; perfect timing because I managed to finish series three this week...
MÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMILEY - winke-Elch, animated photo SMILEY-winke-Elchanimated_zpsbf3a66e3.gif
Maz (or foxxy!): Cap'n and his Prettytuesdaeschild on 1st June 2014 17:29 (UTC)
Jolly good indeed dear!! *high fives*
heliokleia: WENT IC - MR BLUE EYESheliokleia on 1st June 2014 18:53 (UTC)
...And, nice icon btw, mein Schatz.
*minxly hugs* ♥ ♥ ♥
SMILEY - Rittersmann photo SMILEY-Rittersmann_zps44ec53ac.gif
Maz (or foxxy!): Cap'n and his Pretty #2tuesdaeschild on 2nd June 2014 15:58 (UTC)

Why thank you! It is rather, isn't it?!! :)
*huggles back minxily*
amodalie: Moto!Shirl - MÄÄÄÄÄHH!!!amodalie on 7th June 2014 11:48 (UTC)
Awww, what a CUTE pic of Molly and Sherlock! *loves*
I knew you would love this, my dear Fellow Possum, because it is indeed JOLLY GOOD that they chose Molly and Sherlock as an example! :))) I think they are even as cute in person as they are on this little cartoon.

Maybe the huge Molly/Sherlock appreciation even did a little, little bit to improve your miffed mood? *pets steaming NJM*
 photo hausfrau.gif  photo pingu_seil.gif

Gern gescheh'n, Helio-lein! See you later!!! *waves*

Maz (or foxxy!): Smiley Tom B.tuesdaeschild on 1st June 2014 17:27 (UTC)
And how marvellous that Sherlock/Molly was the example they quoted?!! Looks like they shied away from Sherlock/John thought... ;)

I'm pretty sure that a certain Naughty Minxie loved this, even if she was a bit miffed about Mary Watson this afternoon!! Heeee!!

Thanks for sharing, Our Shirl! ♥
heliokleia: RAPUNZEL IC - Max - by remuslives23heliokleia on 1st June 2014 18:49 (UTC)
Hehe... yup; you're absolutely right here, o beloved Mme Leading Minx of ours! SMILEY - ANIM - Zwinker-Smiley, hehe! photo SMILEY-ANIM-Zwinker-Smileyhehe_zps67e0e4ff.gif
*giggles minxily*

And... though, I have already read the wiki article, I'm still miffed. Because IMO, there would've been better ways to show us again how brilliant and smart Sherlock still is, as to simply put a gun in his hand.
Boo, Show, boo. SMILEY  - ANIM - Dampf-ablassendes Smiley, cuuute! photo SMILEY-ANIM-Dampf-ablassendesSmileycuuute_zpscad6c0c1.gif

But aside from that, have a good week, P. Momma!
SMILEYS - blowing kisses photo SMILEYS-blowingkisses_zps2fabd3a8.gif
Maz (or foxxy!): Irritated Michaeltuesdaeschild on 2nd June 2014 16:01 (UTC)
*pets still-miffed NJM soothingly* There, there, darling. I can see you're still a bit cross! (see icon!) *huggles* ♥

You have a good week too, P. Auntie!
amodalie: penguin danceamodalie on 7th June 2014 12:04 (UTC)
Still miffed? Oh dear... *joins P.Momma in the soothing petting* Meanwhile I'm still waiting for the re-run on our TV this weekend, so that I can put more attention to the fact that is upsetting you so much.

:-* Bussi!
amodalie: Shirl/Ernie#2amodalie on 7th June 2014 11:55 (UTC)
Marvellous is the word, P.Momma!  photo klatsch.gif
Well, it is sort of understandable that they shied away from Sherlock/John for now. Maybe, in the next edition, they will add a cross reference linking to the entry "slash". Wouldn't that be a GRAND idea? ;-)

Oh yes, our poor miffed NJM! Let's hope this did a little bit to improve her "miffiness".  photo schaf2.gif

Bye bye, sweetling! MÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: *smiles at useful edit button*

Edited at 2014-06-07 11:57 (UTC)