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01 May 2014 @ 19:15
Happy Birthday, bm_shipper!  

It's b-day time! Yayyyy! :)))

Happy Birthday, dear bm_shipper! *hugs*
Hope you have a wonderful special day with lots of love 'n' fun 'n' cakes!


Adommy-Fangirlbm_shipper on 1st May 2014 17:33 (UTC)
Thank you :)
amodalie: Kermit YAYamodalie on 3rd May 2014 08:46 (UTC)
Gern gescheh'n! :))) Hab auch schon bei dir gelesen, dass du anscheinend einen feinen Tag mit Geschenken & Co. hattest. Freut mich für dich!
Maz (or foxxy!): Michael Lolztuesdaeschild on 2nd May 2014 15:11 (UTC)
I'm sure if that froggie were kissed he'd turn into a handsome prince!! *kisses computer screen* Oh well, maybe not! ;)

amodalie: Moto!Shirl - MÄÄÄÄÄHH!!!amodalie on 3rd May 2014 08:48 (UTC)
100 shiny points for trying anyway, P.Momma!!! Though I would have LOVED to see you kiss the screen-froggie. *ggg*
Maz (or foxxy!): Shaun and Shirltuesdaeschild on 3rd May 2014 10:07 (UTC)
Thank you!! *polishes shiny 100 points proudly* :) I need to video me doing that, don't I?!! :D
amodalie: Strawberry Smileamodalie on 3rd May 2014 08:52 (UTC)
PS: Pics of Little Miss R. in our box!
Maz (or foxxy!): Fanboytuesdaeschild on 3rd May 2014 10:09 (UTC)
I've seen them!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Her Royal Muddiness at her very best...and then a neat little girl in her summer frock!! She's so totally adorable! And I think she knows it!! :D ♥
heliokleia: KLOPFER IC - Cute Klopfer on Ice.by prinheliokleia on 2nd May 2014 20:14 (UTC)
Aww... what a cute froggie king, o unique ShörN of ours!

I'm sure the birthday child does approve, hihi...^^

But I'm not following P. Momma's example with the screen kissing, no sir; I'm better at screen yelling, hehehe...^^
*grins like a minx*


*pets edit button*

Edited at 2014-05-02 20:16 (UTC)
amodalie: penguin danceamodalie on 3rd May 2014 08:52 (UTC)
Sreecn-kissing,, screen-licking, screen-yelling... there is a place and time for every kind of action, isn't there? *grins with you like a minx*

Just tell me if you were lucky with the yelling and the froggie turned (pofffed) into a charming prince!


PS: Pics of Little Miss R. in our box!