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22 November 2013 @ 16:00
MEME-time: Which Doctor Are You?  

Well well, the plan was to post the RESULT here, not the test itself.
Ahem, now that one worked brilliantly... *snorfles*

Anyway, the Quiz tells me I am the Eighth Doctor who has been portrayed by Paul McGann.
Does this mean I will have to watch the old episodes? Perhaps I should.

"You're a true romantic, a real believer in the power of people and their collective abilities.
You may have seen some unpleasant things in your time, had to deal with traumatic events, but you've never let them soil the purity of your faith in the basic goodness of humans, and this is written across your face.
It's a hugely attractive feature, and this can sometimes lead you into trouble. but people generally feel better for having spent some time in your presence."

Mh-hm, o-kaaay.
Are you a Doctor too? ;)

The female version of Rob Gordon: kurt: squeefreaky_nea on 22nd November 2013 22:13 (UTC)
I'm the 11th doctor! And I don't even know one of his episodes... But I want to change that!
amodalie: Tardis Snowamodalie on 23rd November 2013 16:28 (UTC)
:) Congrats! Nothing against that one. Matt Smith was great even if I did not love him as much as David Tennant. -- Oh, today is the day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOCTOR WHO!!!
Adommy-Fangirl: Doctor Who - Moment of Changebm_shipper on 23rd November 2013 09:27 (UTC)
Congratulations, you're the Fifth Doctor (whoever that is :P I don'T really care :P)

Other people may prefer to shout or seethe or make a fuss in order to get attention, you prefer the quieter approach. You have a lot of youthful zest, a friendly demeanor and an abiding interest in everything around you, but for someone who occasionally makes incredibly eccentric wardrobe choices (look at your lapel), you're actually rather down to earth.

Not that this means you're a pushover, just that you know how to get what you want without bellowing, and you tend to bring the best out in people without dominating them.
amodalie: Tardis Snowamodalie on 23rd November 2013 16:32 (UTC)
That was Peter Davison (I had to look it up, too^^), actually David Tennant's real-life Father-in-law. :D Sounds good!
heliokleia: DEXTER IC - FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURheliokleia on 29th November 2013 12:47 (UTC)
"...but people generally feel better for having spent some time in your presence."
JENSEN 2008- BW, photoshooting - knee PRUN photo JENSEN2008-BWphotoshooting-kneePRUN_zps7da7b415.gif

Smiley - ANIM - kriegt 'nen Elchtritt photo Smiley-ANIM-kriegtnenElchtritt_zps870b5796.gif
amodalie: David Tennant bloody hellamodalie on 29th November 2013 20:29 (UTC)
Hola Chica!

What a pretty gif!  photo bussi2.gif

Well, well, I'd say this description is a teensy bit too positive all in all, but... sounds nice anyway! *grin*
So, CaRRRRRRRammmba right back at you, my friendly neighbour Helio!