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World, where are you going?
This spiral of growing hatred and violence leaves me speechless. And sick. Why won't these people understand that they are going to achieve nothing?!? Whatever "goals" they have, murder won't get them any closer. So sad.
My thoughts go out to everyone in Paris and France! ♥

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"to ship" is official now! :))

How awesome is that?!

This month the verb "to ship" officially made it into the renowned Oxford English Dictionary. Not only that!
The example of how to use it is this quote: "I'll always ship Sherlock and Molly."
Awwwww!!! I know for a fact that at least one person on my flist will LOVE this.
Righto, my dear Naughty Minxie? *wink wink*

Full article here <--

Tardis Snow

MEME-time: Which Doctor Are You?

Well well, the plan was to post the RESULT here, not the test itself.
Ahem, now that one worked brilliantly... *snorfles*

Anyway, the Quiz tells me I am the Eighth Doctor who has been portrayed by Paul McGann.
Does this mean I will have to watch the old episodes? Perhaps I should.

"You're a true romantic, a real believer in the power of people and their collective abilities.
You may have seen some unpleasant things in your time, had to deal with traumatic events, but you've never let them soil the purity of your faith in the basic goodness of humans, and this is written across your face.
It's a hugely attractive feature, and this can sometimes lead you into trouble. but people generally feel better for having spent some time in your presence."

Mh-hm, o-kaaay.
Are you a Doctor too? ;)